A level Results and Clearing

I still remember my final year of A Levels and the stress of results day. The day that at exactly 8:00 am you find out your grades and if you have been accepted by your first-choice university. I wasn’t even sure what to do or what to look at first. I had my phone in my left hand on the way up to school and I just kept refreshing my UCAS page, hoping something has changed. Really hoping for good news, even if I didn’t get the grades but i got in I would have been over the moon. My first choice was Sheffield university. I loved the open day there and especially the applicant day. The professors there and PhD students were very welcoming. They had just built an £80 million engineering building that was out of this world. It was stunning very futuristic. I had also seen and booked my accommodation and I was ready to go and I was excited. I still remember walking through them doors. The teachers have already seen everyone grades so walking through the building I always looked at the teachers faces to see what kind of expression they would give if they saw me. That told me a lot about my grades.


I am so happy and thankful I don’t have to open another one of those envelopes again for any results. I hated them. Sadly, I didn’t get the grades for university, I was a couple of grades of. Usually if your one grade of then the university still accepts you so always check UCAS first. I got my second choice at Bradford university and I accepted it there. I had put a strong university and a moderate university to make sure that I did get a university place. I did complete my first year at Bradford university but now am heading into 2nd year at Leeds university. At this is the beauty of it. No matter how bad it is there is always hope down the line. I might not have done so well at A levels but now after being patient am going to a university better then both Sheffield and Bradford.


When I was at school and I saw my results, I wanted to change course I started to think all over the place i couldn’t concentrate because I was so annoyed with myself that I didn’t get into Sheffield. I felt like I let myself down. When I got home I remember my mum was happy for me to even get into university. She said to me “my job is done with you now”. I sat there for roughly 5 hours wondering what another course I can do or if am even doing the right thing. After I settled down I just hoped for the best and accepted my university place at Bradford. I must say it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I have enjoyed something so different and so new and met so many good people. By far the most entertaining year of my life. Thankfully I did well enough to be able to get a transfer to Leeds. I am transferring not because I don’t enjoy Bradford or anything like that. It’s because I want to graduate out of a better university so my chance of finding a job is easier. This is because Leeds offers more help with a placement year and its reputation help advance its students even more. So, for me looking 5 years down the line I hope it will help me more.


My advice for results day is simple. Whatever you get where ever you end up it always for the best. You will enjoy it and you will love it. I haven’t spoken to a single person who regrets what university they had gone to. Because every university is unique and has its own experience that excite people and help all sorts of people. Clearing could be the best thing you have ever done for yourself. Whatever the result or the outcome, try your best to stay calm. Be around your family or go some were quiet and way up all your options and don’t be scared because every outcome is the best outcome for you. If you have done better than expected and want to go to a better university go through adjustment and do it. Always strive for the best and do the best. Good luck to every next week! Wish the best for all of you.

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